Poker mistakes that you can avoid

When you start playing poker at IDNplay, you want to ensure that your focus is on enjoying yourself and getting familiar with how you should play. If you have a long term goal of winning money regularly from playing, you will have to spend quite some time learning about the strategies plus other aspects of the game. Being a beginner, it is not something that should take much of your time now.

The following are some of the mistakes that most beginners make which you should concentrate on

Playing too many hands

It is one of the easiest and common mistakes that most beginners tend to make. There are times when poker might seem to be a bit boring, mostly when you are folding, and it can tempt you to make several pre-flop calls to ensure that you are involved in the game. But when it comes to this approach, you will waste several chips when making the calls and then fold anyway at the end of it all when you don’t end up hitting the flop.

Having to overvalue hands

It is closely linked to playing too many hands. One of the reasons players tend to play too many hands is because they think a lot about hands that aren’t great. It is common to overvalue a hand just because it has a pair or an ace.

Though an ace is good, but to start a hand with such authority and five or a six and an ace is not healthy. The same is true when it comes to low pairs. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t play such hands, but you must recognize that they are not that strong as you could be thinking of them.

To overvalue the hands, it is limited to before the flop, and you need to know that. You should avoid assuming that you are in great shape because you have made a flopped pair or because you have two teams after the river. You could be currently ahead, but you can as well go behind any time.

You might find it hard to make judgments that are informed about what your opponents might be having when you begin to play, but as a beginner, it is something that you need to think seriously about. Before calling a bet or making a raise, you have to think about your opponent’s cards.

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