5 best poker sites in India

Today Poker has become a game on the internet to play. Thanks for being a reward giving platform, more and more people are inclined towards it. It offers you both the entertainment quotient along with money as well as you keep on playing this game. Besides knowing about different variants of pokers and their rules including Texas Holdem Poker rules, you need to know some good platforms to play the game online. This should give you a minimum level or risk giving away a greater amount of safety as well. Thus if you are looking for some good platforms, you need to check the 5 best poker sites in India as enlisted below:

  1. Adda52

This is one of the best poker sites in India. This platform is among the most preferred platforms to play this game in this country. The reason is that it satisfies your entertainment quest as well apart from helping you win big. It is also popular for its excessive ads in the media, which attracts a good number of players all across the country and even outside India. Besides giving you the chance to play different games online, it also has some special programs for its loyal players.

  1. Spartan

This online gaming platform can be called as the record breaking and extensive tournaments including Poker Championship. The portal also boasts a number of players along with enjoying a number of surprises as well for them.

  1. Poker Tempo

The next popular platform for making money and enjoying games like poker of different variants for players of different skill levels is Poker Tempo. This game can give you the choice to start with a package of having a buy-in poker cards that are seen building up your bankroll along with setting up on your speed. One of the best things about this platform is that it helps the players to play poker online on any device. Thus you can play different games on your smartphone of Android or iOS, laptop and desktop depending upon your choice. Besides this feature, you have the choice of playing the game anywhere and anytime again depending upon the choices you have. At the same time, it remains the safe platform when it comes to handling the transactions. It is lightning fast and secured. It also allows the players to organize different tournaments.

  1. Pokerbaazi

This remains one of the most secured and safe kinds of platforms for playing different online games and casinos. It has a user friend option for depositing the cash along with withdrawing as well. Recently, the portal has revamped the website adding a number of features along with adding numerous new poker games like Omaha, Texas Hold’em, Reverse Hold’em and Boos to name a few.

  1. Poker Yaar

If you are looking for some thrill while playing poker online then Poker Yaar is a decent choice. You can even play this game with the help of artificial money. Some of the key choices that you would get for playing here is to play poker online for free wherein you do not lose any money, which is not the case with other websites.

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