What Is the World’s Biggest Poker Tournament?

Poker is, without a doubt, one of the most well-known table games in the world. Poker fans know that each game, whether played in gaming halls or land-based casinos, and even at online casinos like Fun88, is distinct from the last.

Players who are drawn to high stakes and even higher prize pools are drawn to these poker tournaments like a moth to a flame, and if the heat becomes too intense and they are unable to participate in any of these tournaments, they, like the rest of the world, wait and watch the results of some of the world’s best poker players compete in these renowned poker tournaments.

But which one is considered to be the biggest of them of all? That’s what we’re here to answer today.

The World Series of Poker Tournament (WOSP)

The World Series of Poker is the most well-known and well-known poker tournament, the one that every professional poker player is familiar with, and the tournament with the largest prize pool.

The World Series of Poker, or WSOP, is without a doubt one of the largest and most well-known poker events in the world. Every professional Fun888 poker player dreams of being invited to this tournament, which boasts a prize pool of approximately $10 million. This competition, which takes place every year in Las Vegas, Nevada, had humble beginnings in 1970.

Because it is the most popular poker tournament, getting a place at the table is practically hard unless you have $10,000 in cash. Even if you spend plenty of hours at Fun 88, that’s kind of a long shot. Another way to get a spot in the tournament is if you are one of the fortunate players from a satellite tournament.

Satellite events are held all over the world, allowing players to compete for the grand prize of a place in the WSOP. The majority of satellite tournaments are held online, and the sites that host them provide players with the opportunity to go through a ‘tier system,’ with the lowest tier being the cheapest and the highest tier being the most expensive.

The final monetary prize for the winners of the WSOP is millions of dollars, and they also have a chance to win a bracelet, which is the ultimate award. The event is hosted every year in Las Vegas, Nevada, and the game of choice is Texas Hold’em.

The biggest poker tournament in terms of prize pool

WSOP’s main events currently have 14 of the top 15 prize pools in poker history. The 2012 WSOP tournament known as The Big One for One Drop, occurring from July 1–3, is the second-largest prize pool outside of the Main Event.

It had the highest buy-in in poker history, at $1 million. The WSOP collected no rake from the $111,111 buy-in, which was donated to the One Drop Foundation. The event’s 48 seats were all filled, giving in a prize pool of $42,666,672, including almost $5 million in donations.

The 2012 Macau High Stakes Challenge was the second-highest pool of any event outside of the WSOP, with a buy-in of HK$2 million (that’s 260,000 US dollars) including a rebuy option. The tournament featured a field of 73 players, with 21 of them rebuying, for a prize pool of HK$182,360,000 or a little more than 23.5 million US dollars.

The largest online poker prize pool in history

If you believe that’s all there is to WSOP, you’re completely wrong. The World Series of Poker Online main event on GGPoker has set the record for the highest ever online poker prize pool.

This $5,000 buy-in tournament drew a total of 5,802 entrants, resulting in a prize pool of $27,559,500. Even in the internet world, this well-known poker tournament continues to reign supreme. If these figures sound a bit overwhelming for you, you can head straight to the Fun88 entrance and start small.

Other massive poker tournaments

The World Poker Tour has piqued the interest of poker fans all around the world. Poker events under this title, similar to the PGA Tour in golf, are held in various nations at various periods throughout the year. Similar to many poker games you can find at, there’s always a wide assortment of options for every player.

This competition is popular not just because it is aired internationally, but also because tournaments have large prize pools. The WPT Championships are the last tournament of each WPT season.

Another large poker tournament is Triton Poker. It is a franchise, and tournaments are held under the Triton Poker banner in various locations around the world. Prize money and buy-in criteria vary depending on the tournament.

Despite not being as well-known as the WSOP, Triton Poker is included on this list due to the large prize pools offered by certain of its tournaments. This franchise’s Super High Roller Series awarded a significant sum of $65,660,000 prize money in 2019.

If you are convinced that you have what it takes to take on these big poker tournaments, why not create your fun88 login today and start taking the next big steps to victory?

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