Black Chip Poker – what’s the reason behind its success?

As a flagship skin of Winning Poker Network, Black Chip Poker is now one of the most popular poker rooms among Americans and not only. Get to know more about Black Chip Poker – from playing it on mobile to playing freerolls, and much more.

Black Chip Poker is present on the market for almost two decades now. Throughout its history, it has been migrating from platform to platform that shares its traffic. BCP is considered one of the best rooms in online poker worldwide, and there are at least a few reasons for it. First is transparent politics, second – great customer service, and third – high rakeback percentage. Moreover, Black Chip Poker provides its players with a loyalty program that brings real profit. No wonder why it has gained such a high position in the poker world within a short time.

The players in BCP can access elite benefits, choosing one of two VIP programs. They can also keep their account basic, depending on a preference. 

What network is Black Chip Poker on?

Since its beginnings, Black Chip Poker has been a part of the Winning Poker Network. Together with True Poker, Ya Poker, and America’s Cardroom, the BCP was one of the first skins on WPM. It can be said that among all of them, Black Chip Poker turned out to be the most successful, gaining a big group of devoted players quite quickly. A wide range of cash games, high rakeback percentage, and other profitable features have played a big part in its success.

How to play Black Chip poker on mobile?

Playing with a web app is not the only solution with Black Chip Poker, The platform offers the opportunity to play also with a mobile app. It is available both on Android and iOS. There is no need to download it – just enter the Black Chip Poker website in a browser on your phone and start playing. The only thing you will have to do is register.

How to play freerolls in Black Chip Poker?

Black Chip Poker has a quite unusual approach to freerolls, offering them also on demand, not only scheduled. In this case, you just have to wait for a sufficient amount of gamers to start the tournament. It also offers depositor and satellite freerolls. In Black Chip Poker, you can also enter the freeroll tournament as a new user. After registering and making the initial deposit, you will receive an invitation to the new player freeroll. Note that the deposit should be made from Sunday to Thursday.  

Winning in freerolls may be quite beneficial, as top players can count on additional prizes. For the new users’ tournament, the prize is 250 dollars.

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